About Us
M/S S.S.Shipping Services is FREIGHT FORWARDER is heading towards celebrating a decades of dynamic presence within the Domestic Customs Clearance as well as National International Freight forwarding and logistics industries. The company was established back in 2007, In the course of these years the company size has grown considerably and new services have been added to the company’s portfolio S.S. Shipping is now in a position to provide “Total Quality Solution” to any cargo-handling issue on a global basis. However, our commitment to quality, the continuous strive for innovation and the scientific approach to all operations have always been maintained to that upper level which allows for exploitation of competition advantage and excess capabilities.At S.S.Shipping, “people” and “quality” are inter-related as we believe that a dependency relationship exists between them.People from the environment & create the mechanisms, quality is a result. Training and development of human resources at S.S.Shipping is an ongoing process having one clear major objection: self-respect through knowledge and the creation the creation of feeling, non negotiable by nature…a genuine love for what we do.At the gateway of the 21st century, with an expanded range of activities and long-term plans,S.S.Shipping an has obtained a leading position is the domestic market, international recognition and a reputation of quality and reliability.

Currently S.S. Shipping operates through local offices at :

  • Mumbai
  • Kandla
  • Mundra
  • Delhi
  • Agra ICD
And, finally we would like to thank you your interest towards our company and invite you to become our client.
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